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About us

The association Argoat Armor Plenumorganum (AAPO) was created in May 2009. It aims at promoting the pipe organ and federating the organists and lovers of the organ in the Département of Côtes d’Armor and enhancing the value of the instrument.

Studying the organs

Since its creation, the AAPO has listed the instruments existing on its territory and established for each a technical sheet giving the details of its sound quality, its composition, its host building and its history. This information can be consulted on the website of the association or on its Facebook page. New elements are regularly added, that have been found recently in the archives or brought to light by the study of the instruments themselves. The history section receives articles on the history of the instruments, the musicians who have played on them and the organ builders.


Concerts are organized in Bégard, Lannion, Perros-Guirec, La Roche-Derrien, Tréguier, every year. Young well-known organists have played there : Mathieu de Miguel, Paul Goussot, Thomas Ospital, Virgil Monin, Jean-Michel Dieuaide, Yoann Moulin alternating with the organists of the association. Those members also make guided visits of their instruments.

Educational actions

An organ model has been built by the members of the association under the supervision of one of them who is an organ buider. It is lent to the schools of the area for educational actions after the organists have given the teachers an introductory course. One of the goals of the association is the promotion of organ-playing ; they also want to give young musicians an easy access to the instruments.

Organ building workshop

In 2013, the association bought an English organ (Nelson Hall). It has been renovated by the association itself in an open workshop to help people discover organ buiding. The renovated organ has just been officiallyinstalled in the church in Penvénan.

Activities around the organ

From March 24th to April 11th 2015 in Lannion, the AAPO association took part in a series of free activities around the organ for children but also for adults : an exhibition on the history of organ buiding, a musical tale, several conferences, a musical session for young children, a « Jazz-sound painting » session with an organ, a concert with an organ by the students of the Music School of the the Trégor, a stroll called « Orgues en ville » (organs in the city) to discover and listen to the three instruments in Lannion.

Research on the church musicians

In relation with the university research, the association also participates in the national inventory of the church musicians initiated by MUSEFREM.